VT Ice Dam Solutions New Roof Edge Melt System

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Introducing the IceMelt Systemâ„¢!

Vermont Ice Dam Solutions will soon be offering the IceMelt Systemâ„¢ in the Fall of 2011. The product features an extruded aluminum panel that is heated by one self regulating heat cable. The aluminum alloy used is 6063 - one of the best alloys for heat transfer. Unlike the competitor's single cable system which uses steel as the panel base, this system is truly energy efficient. In fact, based on real measurements (1 Btu/(hr oF ft2/ft) = 1 Btu/(hr oF ft) = 1.731 W/(m K) = 1.488 kcal/(h m oC), the IceMelt System is up to five times more efficient (see table). This means the IceMelt System is a great product for those looking for an energy efficient and cost effective ice dam prevention system.

Roof Edge Ice Dam Prevention.

Look for product data sheets, marketing material, install guides and more at the Vermont Ice Dam Solutions website in Fall of 2011. The IceMelt System will be ready for installations in Fall/2011 as well with the product being offered throughout the country. It has already performed well on Vermont installations for the past two winters. It can be coupled with the patent pending VersaScreen IceBlasterâ„¢ Heated Gutter Protection for an effective roof and gutter ice melt system that can handle larger snowfall amounts (lake effect, mountain, etc.). Existing gutter guards may also benefit from the addition of the IceMelt System or Roof Ice Melt System - effectively controlling the inevitable build up of ice that plagues most gutter protection products.

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