IceBlaster Edge Melt System Concealed Ice Dam Prevention System

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The end of unsightly zig zag heat tape on the roof!

The old solution to ice dam problems was to string up some heat tape from the hardware store in a zig zag fashion onZig Zag roof heat tape is not effective against roof ice dams the roof edge. These were occasionally effective if the snow fall was less than 6 inches and the temps didn't drop too low. When it got colder and the snow fall increased, the unfortunate result was the ice dams and icicles (icycles) would build right over the top of those inefficient roof heat cables. As can be seen in the picture to the right - the heat cables are on and doing some melting, but the ice dams and icicles have formed right over the top of them. This is typical of roof heat tape. Its main function is to melt channels in the ice dams. When the snow and ice build up, the heat tape becomes less effective. Couple that with the extra cable that is needed to install it in a W or zig zag pattern on the roof, this means that much more energy is needed. Does this mean that roof heat cables should not be used to combat ice dams? Certainly not! Consider the IceBlaster Edge Melt System.

IceBlaster Edge Melt Systemâ„¢ Concealed Ice Dam Prevention

IceBlaster Edge Melt System Prevents Ice Dams and Icicles on Roofs and GuttersIceBlaster (the power behind the heated gutter guard VersaScreen IceBlaster) has come out with a new version - one that does not need the gutter guard and is concealed underneath the first row of shingles. No shingle removal is necessary. You don't have to install any shingle piercing clips required by zig zag roof heat cables. Nothing is visible from below to detract from the beauty and architectural aesthetics of your home. Well, almost nothing. What is visible is the absence of ice dams at the roof edge and the icicles hanging over the gutters. Gone is the fear of ice dams causing damage to your home. No mold or mildew in your walls from repeated ice dam related leaking. No drywall damage or warped hard wood floors. Just peace of mind knowing the ice dams will not be forming. Contentment from not having the front walkway building with ice from the constant dripping from icicles. 

IceBlaster Edge Melt System is effective at preventing the ice build up in your gutters and on your roof edge. Vermont Ice Dam Solutions has been effectively solving ice dam problems with the the Edge Melt System. The system is one of the most cost effective solutions for roof and gutter ice dams. Let the experts at VT Ice Dam Solutions design a system for you. Contact Us now to receive your free in home consultation.

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