Why Vermont Ice Dam Solutions Uses Bylin Roof Ice Melt Technology

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Updated 1/27/16

After rigorous testing, Vermont Ice Dam Solutions no longer offers Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems.  While the Bylin Roof Ice Melt System had been the mainstay of the ice dam prevention industry for many years, we have found a better product. With more effective heat transfer (we have found older systems waste a lot of energy), the IceBlaster line from Edge Melt Systems is well designed, energy efficient and comprehensive.

We will continue to service our existing installations of Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems (also known as Pentair RIM), but will no longer offer these products in favor of the superior Edge Melt System products. 

Existing post -

A good reputation is an important possession. It takes time to earn it, it can't be bought, it is more valuable than gold, it can easily be lost. Some try to earn it through bravado or hype. Others recognize the value of effort and hard work. 

With the above said, we understand the role the products a contractor uses plays in the reputation a contractor has. Offer great products that meet or exceed expectations and your reputation benefits. For that reason, we have settled on the Bylin Roof Ice Melt System and VersaScreen IceBlaster heated gutter protection.

In a recent press release from Bylin Engineered Systems, it was noted that Bylin now has over 7800 RIM installations totaling over 123 miles (YES - MILES) of ice dam protection. Time tested and proven - to say the least. The heat cable used in those Roof Ice Melt Systems totals in the millions of feet. Homeowners, businesses, condominium associations, and others have put their trust in Bylin's Roof Ice Melt System. And, since 2009, Vermont customers have trusted their ice dam solutions to Vermont Ice Dam Solutions and our use of the Bylin Roof Ice Melt System and VersaScreen IceBlaster heated gutter guards.

In February of 2011 we visited the headquarters of Bylin Engineered Systems in El Dorado Hills, California. For two days, much information was gained in the areas of design, function and installation of heat cables and Roof Ice Melt Systems. We were also able to see the new thermostat controller - the AS Digital. This new controller opens up the use of digital, multi-circuit controllers to the residential market. Very exiting news. Vermont Ice Dam Solutions has installed dozens of these controllers in 2011. 

Vermont Ice Dam Solutions has reached a milestone of its own. While we may not be able to measure our Roof Ice Melt System installations in the tens of miles, in 2011 we did install over 21,000 feet of heat cable in Roof Ice Melt Systems and VersaScreen IceBlaster installations. Thank you to our customers who have put their trust in us. We look forward to another year of solving ice dam problems, exceeding expectations and building on our reputation.

Are you ready to learn how you can benefit from the experience of VT Ice Dam Solutions? The process is simple. Just fill out our Contact Us form. We will contact you to set up a convenient time to visit you and provide you with a solution to your ice dam problems.


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